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    carbon fiber heating garments technology

    With the advancement of society, the way to keep warmth of clothing and shoes is constantly evolving. Carbon fiber is used as a heating element in garments and shoes. It has the characteristics of heat, efficiency, safety hazard, easy to understand and comfortable, and the main technology and application orientation of carbon fiber heating clothing. In recent years, the application of carbon fiber and other carbonaceous materials as far-infrared heating garments has developed rapidly. At present, there are no fewer than ten units in China that use this type of technology to develop and produce heating products, but most of them are still in the trial production stage and have not yet formed a real industrialization. The application design research of carbon fiber heating garments will play an important role in promoting the industrialization process.

    Fever clothing is different from warm clothing. Warm clothing is designed to reduce the heat loss of the human body to achieve warmth. The heating clothing generates heat through the external heating source, and actively heats the body to keep warm. Electrical energy, chemical energy, and solar energy can all be used as heat sources, and currently the application of electric energy in heating clothing is the most mature. According to the different materials of the heat-generating materials, the electric heating garments can be divided into electric heating fabrics and carbon fiber heating garments. The latter has many advantages compared with the former and has become the mainstream choice in the design of electric heating garments.