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    Why are our night vision goggles D-088 selling very well on the market?

    • Author:Durham technology
    • Release on :2018-12-15

    At Durham technology co.,Ltd,we only offer the best night vision goggles,While we have highly recognition capability in night vision systems from a quality.our reason for only offering the best is simple: We want to do my best to my customers,and our night vision goggles has highly quality from our factory control.

    Dedicated in product design,quality control and factory management,we are able to supply you with qualified products in best price.

    The D-088 night vision goggles is built around high grade CMOS technology,and it is in strict accordance with the military standard manufacturing,with the working temperature range -45℃~55℃ and the waterproof level IPX6.

    Our night vision goggle D-088 is only 116g,which is the lightest night vision goggle in special field,and easy to carry.

    Our D-088 night mode uses the black white OLED displaying imagine, clarity,recognizing ability, image stability are highly better than the traditional night vision device.The closest focusing distance of the product is 13cm, and farest imaging distance is infinity.

    We have highly quality and best price of night vision goggles,do you know why reason for our night vision goggles are best sells on the market?If you want to more about our products,please feel free to contact me(click here)