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    What is the best way to care for and clean night vision goggles?

    • Author:Durham Technology
    • Release on :2018-11-21
    We are manufacturer of night vision goggles and heated product, we will provide warranty for 1 year that if you buy our product ,but any damage caused to Durham product by misuse, abuse, improper care, accident, normal wear, and tear, or the natural breakdown of materials over an extended period of time and use are not covered by this warranty.

    When handled with care, your night vision goggles will provide years of trouble free service. Like any precision instrument your night vision goggles should be given reasonable protection.

    Here are suggestions and considerations by night vision goggles

    1.Avoid banging and dropping.

    2.Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid storing in your vehicle as temperature fluctuations and prolonged vibration can damage any optical instrument.

    3.Never look directly at the sun with your binocular. It may be very harmful to your eyes.

    4.Keep your lenses clean with the following instructions.

    -Blow away any dust or debris on the lens (or use a soft lens brush).

    -Remove dirt or fingerprints with a soft cotton cloth by rubbing in a circular motion.

    -Coarse cloth or unnecessary rubbing may scratch the lens surface causing permanent damage.

    5.For a more thorough cleaning, you may use photographic quality lens tissue and cleaner. Always apply the fluid to the paper or the cloth, not directly on the lens. The new microfiber cleaning cloths and "lens pens" are also highly recommended. They do not require cleaning fluid.