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    What is ITAR in the night vision device ?

    • Author:Durham technology
    • Release on :2018-12-20

    You want to bring your night vision through the border, but you are afraid if it is legal. You have probably heard about ITAR, but you do not know if this applies to you either.

    ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) and the EAR (Export Administration Regulations) are laws and regulations exist to monitor and control exports from the United States, run by different departments of the US Government. Both of them are designed to help ensure that defense related technology does not get into the wrong hands. An export license is a general term for both ITAR and EAR controlled items in which the US Government has granted permission to transport or sell potentially dangerous items to foreign countries or parties.

    This means that if you export devices from other countries than the United States, ITAR probably does not apply to you, but be aware that the US has interpreted export controls in a different way to other countries and to be captured by the regulations, an item could have originated in the US or even another country where a manufacturer outside the US has made something with US information or incorporated US components; or a company could just be US-controlled. All can fall under US export controls and in addition, the US not only controls exports when an item leaves the US, but also when that item is re-exported and re-transferred.

    For example a US ITAR item in the UK can not be sold or even moved without US permission, even to another UK company. The US also has control, under ITAR, regarding nationality, so that if someone working on ITAR-restricted items changes citizenship from one country to another that is viewed as an export.

    By purchasing any night vision or thermal imaging device from an American company, or such device manufactured in the US, you may be unwittingly under ITAR control, even if the seller claims that the sale was legal.