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    What are infrared illuminators?

    • Author:Durham Technology
    • Release on :2019-01-17
    What is an IR Illuminator?

    Infrared Illuminators are devices which emit light in infrared spectrum. They can be active devices which emit their own infrared light like various objects or passive devices which reflect the infrared light which falls on them. Think of it as a flashlight that produces light that the human eye cannot see. A night vision device can pick up on this light and make it visible to humans.

    How Well Do They Work?

    An IR light is a must-have even with a Generation 3 device. The infrared illuminator incorporated in the night vision devices is actually an IR LED which emits light in infrared band. This infrared light is reflected by objects and is collected by the objective lens.

    Illumination devices Type


    Integral IR lights are built into the night vision device. This is common especially for monoculars and goggles.

    These integral units vary in intensity andquality but are generally good for short range use. The biggest downside is that they shorten the battery life.


    Night vision devices that lack an integral illuminator often have an area set aside for an attachable illuminator. Attachable illuminators function independently. They control and rely on their separate battery source. They also tend to be larger, heavier, and make the overall unit bulkier.


    Handheld IR illuminators are night vision flash lights. These units usually have a little more space and a bigger set of batteries. This gives them a longer life and often an overall longer effective range.

    Practical Uses For IR Illuminator

    How you use an illuminator depends on your night vision device.

    1) Goggles and monoculars thatare designed for walking and traveling at night work best with an integral IRilluminator. It lets users recognize obstacles in greater detail and offers better close range recognition.

    2) Handheld illuminators and their most potent aspects are suited for binoculars and great range monocular.Something that provides the magnification to take advantage of the longer range power.

    3) There are also IR laser systems that can be carried or mounted to firearms. They are excellent aiming devices for night hunters. They fire a concentrated beam of IR light and create a small dot.

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