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    Using night vision goggles for night hunting

    • Author:Durham technology
    • Release on :2018-12-17
    For any day hunter, learning how to hunt at night can be exciting, new and challenging. Before planning a night hunt, check with your local Department of Fish and Game for any hunting restrictions in your region. You want to make sure you are able to legally hunt at night.

    If you ever choose to hunt at night, using a night vision gear is probably one of the most exciting methods. It’s critical that you understand what and how animals look under night vision and ensure it doesn’t affect your ability to engage them humanely and appropriately.

    In the process of your hunting,you should need the lightest night vision goggles and bracket. Our night vision device D-088 is only 116g(equal to two eggs weight),and our night vision device’s bracket is designed with special bracket independent, and it use the aerospace grade aluminum alloy material.Surface is treated by micro-arc oxidation process, the total weight is only 96 grams.It is the lightest night-time system special bracket in the world.

    Night vision device is necessary to have a successful night hunting,if you have a goog night vision device,it would be success of night hunting.