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    Top three legends of CMOS night vision goggles

    • Author:Durham Technology
    • Release on :2018-11-08
    Myth 1. CMOS night vision is for military members and law enforcement only, it is illegal for civilians to own these devices:

    I have heard this from all kinds of people. He should have even asked about night vision or thermal instruments; no one would sell it for all unless he was in the armed forces could not have the legitimate use of it. This is a little narrow minded, but more importantly just plain wrong. Civilians in the world can certainly buy night vision for CMOS. There may be restrictions on the height of frequency models and units mounted weapon, there is a dedicated line for law enforcement, but there is still a wide range of night vision goggles available to the general public. CMOS technology has good applications in overseas army, such as search and rescue, fire fighting, outdoor adventure, or pest control.

    Myth 2. Every night vision shows off, washed green:

    Our night vision CMOS D-088 glasses with black white OLED display imagine what with the highest and best clarity, the ability to recongnizing and stabilizing the image from the second generation of traditional generation. Third generations of microlight image intensification technology and other night light products vision.

    Myth 3. CMOS night vision can only be used at night:

    Image intensification tubes in traditional night vision will be more exposed in broad daylight, and can actually raise the temperature and damage themselves if struck with a bright light such as a street lamp. CMOS technology has no such problems. In the daytime, the heat reads exactly as it does in the dark. The collected thermal information can not be "exposed" and the highlight of the capacity is still of great value in daylight. A goal in camouflage or far will transmit the heat that the device will send, regardless of the sun's brightness.