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    Top 6 Reasons why night vision belongs to every adventure

    • Author:Durham Technology
    • Release on :2018-11-19
    And why youyou have to embrace Freedom to experience More ...

    1) Reawaken your exploration of the unknown

    People instinctively know what many of us have forgotten at night: There is always much more to discover.

    2) Reveal what’s hidden at night

    Something amazing is hidden at the limits of your vision at night. What will you uncover?

    3) Make the most of your valuable time

    At night, there are many restrictions and uncertainties in search and rescue. We pay more attention to time than money. Take advantage of every precious moment with CMOS night vision goggles to see our goals faster and more clearly.

    4) Wide range of uses

    Night vision devices can help people observe, search, aim and drive vehicles at night. Our CMOS night vision goggles with IPX6 waterproof.You can explore the underwater unknown world at night.

    5) Adventure it is where you are

    With CMOS night vision goggles, you can perceive the unknown world in the night of any extreme weather. You can also travel to the end of your street and see your neighborhood, community or city in a whole new light.

    6) Lighter,clearer, closer

    CMOS nightvision goggles belong on every search and rescue. So lightweight you’ll forget you’re wearing them; so dazzlingly sharp and powerful they’ll put you at the heart of the action; so portable they fit unobtrusively into any daypack.