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    The most durable night vision goggles from Durham

    • Author:Durham technology
    • Release on :2018-12-27

    Night vision goggles are not only for military use and many people still believe that they will need to spend a ton of cash if they are looking for this piece of military grade equipment. In recent years, many manufacturers have now started to design night vision goggles for commercial use as well and they have done this to make shooting at night and even hunting much easier for any individual.

    Our lightweight Night Vision goggles far exceeds these industry standards and gives special forces a decisive edge in the most uncertain conditions. There is great power in the darkness.our night vision goggles can work in any environment,and the materials we use for night vision are military grades.

    This night warfare system is in strict accordance with the military standard manufacturing, with the working temperature range -45~55(military level) and the waterproof level IPX6.Our night vision surface treatment materials are very durable.

    Depending on when and where you are going to use your night vision goggles, you will also need to keep an eye on the weather resistance capabilities. A lot of times you will need to go through muddy puddles and even work in the rain. This could all have a huge impact on the goggles itself. The more durable the goggles are, the better they will be capable of holding up in nearly any weather condition.