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    The fourth generation optoelectronic integrated night warfare system for D-088 night vision goggles

    • Author:Durham technology
    • Release on :2018-12-11

    Whether for fishing, camping, or nature watching, night vision has made significant advances and has become affordable to the general consumer. And what quality is needed.

    The D-088 night vision goggles is built around high grade CMOS technology. Here are product characteristics as below:

    This night warfare system is in strict accordance with the military standard manufacturing, with the working temperature range -45~55(military level) and the waterproof level IPX6.

    The bare weight is only 116 g, including a 18650 rechargeable battery so the total weight is 160g, which is the lightest weight night warfare system in special field.

    This night warfare system is designed with special bracket independent, and it use the aerospace grade aluminum alloy material.Surface is treated by micro-arc oxidation process, the total weight is only 96 grams.It is the lightest night-time system special bracket in the world.

    Night OLED screen resolution ratio is 1024X768P, which can be observed at night.

    Night mode uses the black white OLED displaying imagine, clarity,recognizing ability, image stability are highly better than the traditional supersecond generation, third generations of microlight image intensifier technology and other light night vision products.

    The closest focusing distance of the product is 13cm, and farest imaging distance is infinity. This can make this product available at night on many scenarios, for example Night War (Great Range War), anti-terrorism at night (small-scale, close-range operations), night driving (secret driving), night repairs (maintenance equipment, vehicles, etc.), night-time replacement equipment (exchange of combat equipment at night), night-time inspection of maps, etc..