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    Reasons for choose CMOS night vision

    • Author:Durham Technology
    • Release on :2018-11-09
    Night vision has become an essential tool for themilitary deparment. Pilots fly fighter planes and helicopters with night visiondevices. Soldiers on the ground use night vision goggles to spot and eliminateinsurgents. Even unmanned aerial vehicles have the latest thermal cameras.


    Gen1. Gen 2 Gen 3 is not cheap and their thermal night vision is not soldworldwide.

    Our CMOS night vision is not only available for Military and Law Enforcementmembers but also for the civilians


    The displaying image for regular lightintensified technology is green image, not clear enough for observation. Whileintensify tube will be burnt out or shutdown for minutes which may lose thebest battle chance. Our smallest CMOS will never burn down and will adjustthemselves automatically.


    An intensifiertube is used to amplify ambient light. The device converts photons toelectrons, and multiplies them through a micro channel plate before they aredisplayed through a phosphor screen. Our smallest night vision goggle with CMOSsystem has aspherical objective lens + sensor (made in Korea) + photoelectricconversion version, video processor, image display panel + OLED display, CMOShigher sensitivity, shorter exposure times and shrinking pixel size.


    Regular light intensified technology night visionclosest focusing distance is 40cm while our smallest night vision is only12.86cm.It can used in close night operation, The most important is our nightvision goggles bare weight is 116g like 2 eggs weight. The supporting bracketweight is 96g. In total is 212g. Super light and good for night operationactivity while the regular light intensified technology goggles weigh over 500gweight.