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    Reason for Choosing Durham Night Vision goggle

    • Author:Durham Technology
    • Release on :2018-12-25

    Night vision goggles (NVG), is anoptoelectronic device that allows images to be produced in levels of lightapproaching total darkness.

    Thetechnology has evolved greatly since their introduction, leading to several"generations" of night vision equipment with performance increasingand price decreasing so it is no longer just for military but also for civilianworld. Durham announced the introduction CMOS lightest and smallest nightvision goggle D-088.

    Below is the factor why you need consider ournight vision goggle.

    Weight, Ease Of Use, And Size

    These are the threemost important factors when looking for a night vision device. This means thatif a night vision unit doesn't feel comfortable, then it won't be able to beused effectively. It will be of no benefit to the user and will make it harderfor them to detect objects in the dark. Durham night vision goggle with compactsize and only weight for 116g, it can fit in one hand and is light enough to bemounted onto your weapons and certain tactical head gear.


    The resolution measureshow high quality the images are shown on the night vision device. Our nightvision goggle with high resolution OLED screen (1024*768P), It makes higher andbetter clarity, recognizing ability and image stability than the traditionalnight vision device. The closest focusing distance is 13 cm and the farestimaging distance is infinity.


    Night vision devicesare powered by batteries to operate correctly. They come in either alkaline orlithium. Alkaline batteries are easier to obtain and inexpensive. Lithiumbatteries have a longer lifespan so we choose 18650 rechargeable batteries forour night vision goggle.

    Weather Resistance

    Your night visiondevice should come with a considerable amount of weather resistance. Most ofthe time, our devices can lose their quality when exposed to high humidity.Our night vision goggle with IPX6 waterproof standard which meet militaryspecifications that can withstand up to 95% of the existing weatherconditions.

    High sensitivity sensor

    The gogglewith CMOS technology and allows you to catch more of the action that is goingon in the dark with a high sensitivity device that detects movement andilluminates the viewing area. See up to 328 around you with the brightness youneed to see in low light situations.

    Never worry about burnt out whenexposed in strong light

    The displaying image for regular lightintensified technology is green image, not clear enough for observation. Whileintensify tube will be burnt out or shutdown for minutes which may lose thebest battle chance. Our smallest CMOS will never burn down and will adjustthemselves automatically.

    For more information on the CMOSlightest and smallest night vision goggle D-088, please visit https://www.nightvisionsupplier.com/ or email us at sales02@nightvisionsupplier.com