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    Picking Night Vision with Durham

    • Author:Durham Technology
    • Release on :2019-01-03

    Shenzhen Durham Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in 2017, is aprofessional optoelectronic instrument company , we are very proud to bemanufacturer and developer of Day and Night optics and Thermal Imaging opticsfor ultimate Night Operations, Our optics are perfect for hunters, outdoorenthusiasts, military and law enforcement.

    Since the company was founded, it has innovated and researchedvarious types of photoelectric instruments, and is committed to promoting thedevelopment of China's professional optical business, and strives to providethe highest quality optical products for customers in various industries athome and abroad. The company implements the principle of customer-orientedservice, providing diversified products and nuanced services according to theneeds of different customers and markets at home and abroad.

    The company's main night vision,thermal imaging equipment, outdoor hot boots, hot vests, heating gloves.Products are widely used in tourism, bird watching, forestry, construction,police law enforcement, fire protection, large enterprise security and otherfields.

    It’s not really feasible to use a single night vision device forevery person and situation.  Durham understands this.  They have awide variety of night vision options for you to choose from.  From moreaffordable night vision to high end third generation night vision, Durham aimsto provide an option for everyone.  But it’s not just about price or evenperformance. Two equally powerful and high tech night vision devices could bebetter for different uses.

    Formore information on the hunting optics,Please visit our website at www.nightvisionsupplier.comor contact us directly at sales01@nightvisionsupplier.com