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    Night-vision goggles no longer just for military

    • Author:Durham Technology
    • Release on :2018-12-13

    Night vision goggles (NVG), is anoptoelectronic device that allows images to be produced in levels of light approaching total darkness.The history of night vision devices goes back to just before World War II, when Germany developed primitive infrared devices, and the Allies followed suit. ... The original purpose of night vision was to locate enemy targets at night. It is still used extensively by the military for that purpose, as well as for navigation, surveillance and targeting. Police and security often use both thermal-imaging and image-enhancement technology, particularly for surveillance. Hunters and nature enthusiasts use NVDs to maneuver through the woods at night. The technology has evolved greatly since their introduction, leading to several "generations" of night vision equipment with performance increasing and price decreasing so it is no longer just for military but also for civilian world.

    For example, you can use night vision devices for:

    ·                     Wildlife observation

    ·                     Night fishing and boating

    ·                     Night hunting and paintball

    ·                     Camping, scouting, and exploring caves

    ·                     Search and rescue

    ·                     Hidden object detection

    ·                     Performing nighttime repairs

    ·                     Discovering who visits your backyard at night

    ·                     Pulling pranks on your friends and family


    We recommended Durham new CMOS lightest and smallest night vision goggle D-088 as it was made of light weight aerospace grade aluminum alloy material , as opposed to plastic, such as those of other night-vision goggles, making them lighter in weight at only 116 g. People bear the weight of the helmet and any radio or communication set that he has to wear on his head. During aggressive maneuvers, the goggles’ lighter weight will help to lessen any additional force stresses that people may have to endure, given the heavy strain already on the head and neck.

    Night vision is a phenomenal asset to be using and help any night operation in the form of greater visibility and situational awareness.