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    Night vision goggles care and handing

    • Author:Durham Technology
    • Release on :2018-12-10

    Night vision goggles are electronic instruments that will not withstand excessive rough use. Our night vision goggles are waterproof and have durable designs to withstand typical outdoor use, and lightest night vision goggles .Those that are not specifically rated for damp conditions (waterproof or weather-resistant) may be damaged by exposure to water or even high humidity.

    Our Night vision goggles are not susceptible to, nor negatively affected by airport x-ray machines, and it is absolutely safe to pass a night vision goggles through baggage security checks. Our night vision use of CMOS technology,so it can be seen clearly under the low light. The night vision goggles have opened the doors to seeing in the darkness and exploring nocturnal activities, at a reasonable cost, that were not possible before.

    Another level of caution for night vision goggles  is to avoid looking at bright lights or using them in the daylight as this can damage the units. As a general rule, if the unit is not equipped with a “gated” tube or it is bright enough to see without the device you should not be using it. Otherwise, looking directly at strong lights such as at powerful flashlights, car headlights, projectors and so on, can permanently damage the device. But our night vision are equipped with special “cut off” circuitry to interrupt the power supply when the unit is exposed to bright light. So our night vision goggles are not afraid of bright light.