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    Night vision accessories and their use

    • Author:Durham technology
    • Release on :2018-12-13

    Our factory offers the best Night Vision Devices in the china. We provide the lightest and the best quality of night vision goggles for you. In order to improve their functionality many night vision enthusiasts use a vast number of accessories with Night Vision Devices.

    DEMIST SHIELDS – The demist shields are used to prevent the eyepiece lenses from becoming fogged.

    LIF – The LIF is recommended to be used with night vision device in tactical situations at all times to protect the night vision device against damaging IR laser exposure.

    SACRIFICIAL WINDOW – A replaceable sacrificial window is supplied to protect the objective lens during operation in adverse conditions.

    COMPASS –Enables the operator to see azimuth readings in the night vision device’s viewing area.

    TETHERING CORD –Enables the user to attach the compass or 3X-magnifier to his/herself to guard against dropping or losing these items.

    3X MAGNIFIER – The 3X magnifier is a lens assembly, which can be added to the night vision device’s objective lens to extend the operator’s observation.

    HEADMOUNT - secures the night vision goggles, binocular or monocular to the operator's head for night viewing, and provides freehand support for use with a weapon, protective mask or other purposes. It is adjustable and cushioned. The thin brow pad used for large heads comes Attached to the head mount and the thick or medium brow pads are stored in the carrying case.

    CARRYING & TRANSPORTATION AND STORAGE CASES – provided for transportation and protection of the night vision devices, and accessories.