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    Night Vision Technology: Continued Growth & Advancement in goggles device

    • Author:Durham Technology
    • Release on :2018-11-19
    With rapid growth in thermal imaging, infrared technology and CMOS technology. optics manufacturers continue to advance their products in an effort to keep up with high demanding markets, including night vision devices. Durham Technology Ltd launch lightest and smallest CMOS night vision goggles that;

    • Reduce weight by 80 %,weight is 116g like 2 eggs weight
    • High value configuration
    • For close range operation
    • Never worry about burnt out when exposed in strong light

    The quick progression of night vision goggle technology is having big implications on the application-specific market as well as the night vision devices market as a whole:

    • Night vision goggles are forecasted to remain the leading market category for at least 3 more years
    • Expected to show highest revenue growth through 2020, exceeding $9 billion
    • Projected market value of night vision goggles is expected to see a compound annual growth rate of 11.1%

    It is well known that night vision devices with image intensifier tube have always been very expensive and average 60% higher in cost than other night vision devices. Understanding the cost concerns and operational requirements, as well as the need for exceptional products in this market, Durham engineering experts designed a digital night vision device – CMOS Night Vision Goggles. Considering that military and defense applications and requirements are the biggest contributor to the increasing demand for night vision technology, Durham solves design issues without sacrificing performance and improving cost.

    Our smallest night vision goggles with CMOS system has aspherical objective lens + sensor (made in Korea)+ photoelectric conversion version, video processor, image display panel + OLED display, CMOS higher sensitivity, shorter exposure times and shrinking pixelsize. In the daytime, the heat reads exactly as it does in the dark. The collected thermal information can not be "exposed" and the highlight of the capacity isstill of great value in daylight. A goal in camouflage or far will transmit the heat that the device will send, regardless of the sun's brightness.

    Military and defense applications are the leading driver of night vision technology developments, but as applications in commercial markets continue to advance, the demand further increases. From 2014 to 2020, the night vision goggle market volume in commercial and navigation applications is expected to grow 8.6%.

    To learn more about our CMOS system and how its design will impact within the field of night vision technology. Please contact us by email.