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    Night Vision Precautions

    • Author:Durham Technology
    • Release on :2018-11-13

    NEVER turn a regular night vision goggles on in daylight or toward bright light sources at night (such as car headlights/street lights/infra red illuminators) without the lens cap on. This can cause permanent damage to the intensifier tube and will void the guarantee. But Our CMOS night vision never worry about burnt out when exposed in strong light and will adjust themselves automatically.

    DO NOT attempt to open the body of a night vision goggles, High voltage is present and there are no user serviceable parts.

    DO NOT jar or shock the unit. Mishandling will void any guarantee.

    DO NOT expose regular night vision goggles to water. Our CMOS night vision goggles waterproof level is IPX6.

    PROTECT the regular night vision goggles from direct sunlight, extreme heat, dust, moisture and sudden changes in temperature. While our CMOS night vision goggles in military level quality, working temperature range is -45℃~55℃.

    STORE your night vision goggles in a dry, warm, ventilated room.

    ALWAYS clean the lens and eyepiece with high quality camera cleaning equipment. To clean the exterior of the scope use only a soft, clean cloth.