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    Night Hunting: Tips and Safety

    • Author:Durham Technology
    • Release on :2018-12-11

    For any day hunter, learning how to hunt atnight can be exciting, new and challenging. Before planning a night hunt, checkwith your local Department of Fish and Game for any hunting restrictions inyour region. You want to make sure you are able to legally hunt at night.

    It is also important to learn about the safetymeasures you must take in order to have a safe hunt.

    Take a look at these night hunting tips tomake sure you stay safe but also have a successful hunt:

    1. Location is Key

    The location you choose for hunting atnight is very important as we don’t expect to find good locations to hunt inthe dark! Many animals have extremely good eye sight in the dark so you want tomake sure you still pick a hidden spot as you would during day hunting. Scoutit out beforehand and sit near each other so you are able to communicate safelysince visibility is limited due to the darkness.

    2. Lighting for Night Hunting

    Even in a well-illuminated area like a field,where the moon will provide some visibility, using a light is the best way toensure that you’ll make your kill when hunting at night. It’s important to usediscreet, low-intensity light tracking a hog, to ensure that you don’t spookthe animal. White lights and lights that are too bright will scare the animal,causing you to lose your prey – or worse, become subject to the hog’saggressive behavior. Night vision device are the best for hunting at night;hunting with a night vision devices can provide best vision always at nightthat can guarantee a successful hunting trip.

    3. The Right Call:Mouth Calls

    Traditional game callsare highly regarded by experienced hunters and they prefer them over digitalones for day or night shooting. They like the challenge of a mouth call as itrequires more skill and practice to create the right pitch than does anelectronic call. It feels like a great accomplishment when they are able tosuccessfully shoot their target after having “called” into range. Mouth-blowncalls come in all shapes and sizes which makes it very easy for aninexperienced hunter to get started with them. These calls are also easier tocarry due to their small size.

    4. Be Patient

    Patience is key when hunting. Whenhunting at night, animals such as coyotes tend to be less guarded but this doesnot mean you will always be able to find and shoot one within a short time.Continue searching the open field you are overlooking to spot any incominganimal. Also carry on using your mouth call every 3 – 5 minutes. Don’t give uptoo soon. If you do not spot anything after 30 – 45 minutes, you should thinkabout moving to a different hunting location.

    Night hunting can be a whole new shooting experience for thenovice hunter but one they are sure to enjoy. Be sure to use these tips andothers to stay safe during night hunting but also to have a successful andexciting hunt.