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    New Digital Night vision binoculars

    • Author:Durham Technology
    • Release on :2019-01-08
    Though Night Visions Devices (NVD's) are very easy to use, technical jargon makes their literaturetricky to understand. While any night vision equipment will greatly improveyour ability to see at night, there are different grades of night visiongoggles, night vision scopes, and thermal imaging cameras - from simple Gen 1Night Vision monocular to an advanced Generation 3 Military Night vision goggles and rifle scopes - that will give you different levels of performance.Digital Night Vision is a fairly new technology that was introduced to themarket within the last decade. Here we will briefly tell you the specificationof our New HD 1080 Digital night vision zoom telescope binocular with WIFI and video output

    Products Feature

    1.    Digital CCD image sensor (gen 2+ gen 3 + or thermal imaging optional)

    2.    Availablefor both day and night use

    3.    GPS positioning function-Display user coordinate position

    4.    Recording function: support 1920X1080 HD video; support the voice and the surrounding sound record and the date and time.

    5.    WIFI mobile phone remote control operation, real-time transmission of pictures

    6.    The eye distance can be adjusted.

    7.    Digital electronic zoom function, 5 times -20 times, the target can be able to pullcloser or push away, you can view the overall situation or carefully observed.

    8.    Playback function: playback pictures or video files on night vision device is available,and also can delete or protect files.

    9.    Infrared auxiliary lighting can be turned on or off, infrared illumination range can beadjusted in different size, lighting intensity can be choose yourself.

    10. Multiple power modes--- 2.6-4.2V CR 123 lithium battery x3 for 4-6 hours use or connectexternal power directly

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