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    Manufacturer often use of night vision goggles terminology

    • Author:Desheng Technology
    • Release on :2018-11-09

    Night Vision Goggles arethe perfect tool for after dark use because they canLightweight, versatile, comfortable, hands-free, while providing you with the ability to improve your vision in the dark. This makes them ideal for a variety of low light operations.

    Before night vision goggles manufacturers went into the discussion of night vision goggles technology, this is a summary of some common night-vision terms as below.

    Sensitivity: definesthe minimum amount of infrared light that can be detected     

    Gain: the ratio of visibleoutput to the amount of infrared input; a measure of signal amplification. 

    Noise: the output signal on the phosphor screen that is not related to the actual infrared image; noise distorts and blurs images  

    Photocathode: a negativelycharged screen/electrode coated with photosensitive material; absorbs infraredlight to produce electrons     

    MCP: a micro-channel plate;used in amplification of photoelectrons  

    Anode: a positively chargeelectrode; accelerates electrons toward the phosphor screen      

    Phosphor screen: this absorbselectrons generated by the photocathode and produces the visible-light image,which corresponds to the original infrared image   

    ITAR: the “InternationalTraffic in Arms Regulations” the regulates the export and sale of certaincontrolled technologies outside of the United States      

    Active devices: night visiondevices that use infrared (IR) illuminators to cast additional or supplementallight on targets for imaginging