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    Image Intensifiers technology VS CMOS technology

    • Author:Durham Technology
    • Release on :2018-11-27

    As we know ,CMOS technology and image intensifiers technology are extensively used in night vision goggles.Our factory used CMOS technology.

    CMOS is an acronym for Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor. It is an important chip in the computer system, which preserves the most basic data for system guidance. The manufacturing technology of CMOS is no different from the general computer chip, mainly using semiconductors made of silicon and germanium. Semiconductors with N (band-to-electric) and P (with +-electric) levels coexist on CMOS, andthe current generated by these two complementary effects can be recorded and interpreted by the processing chip into an image. It was later discovered that CMOS can also be used as an image sensor in digital photography. CMOS sensors can also be subdivided into passive pixel sensors (Passive Pixel Sensor CMOS)and active pixel sensors (active pixel sensor CMOS).

    Here are Advantages and Disadvantages of CMOS technology

    Advantages of CMOS technology :

    1.High input impedance. The input signal is driving electrodes with a layer of insulation (the metal oxide)between them and what they are controlling. This gives them a small amount of capacitance, but virtually infinite resistance. The current into or out of CMOS input held at one level is just leakage, usually 1 nano Ampere or less

    2.The outputs actively drive bothways

    3.The outputs are pretty much rail-to-rail

    4.CMOS logic takes very little power when held in a fixed state. The current consumption comes from switching asthose capacitors are charged and discharged. Even then, it has good speed to power ratio compared to other logic types.

    5.CMOS gates are very simple. The basic gate is an inverter, which is only two transistors. This together with the low power consumption means it lends itself well to dense integration. Or conversely, you get a lot of logic for the size, cost and power.

    Disadvantages of CMOS technology :

    1.    It is affected by noise.

    2.    Pixel saturation

    An image intensifier or image intensifier tube is a vacuum tube device for increasing the intensity of available light in an optical system to allow use under low-light conditions,such as at night, to facilitate visual imaging of low-light processes, such as fluorescence of materials in X-rays or gamma rays (X-ray image intensifier), orfor conversion of non-visible light sources, such as near-infrared or shortwave infrared to visible. They operate by converting photons of light into electrons, amplifying the electrons (usually with a microchannel plate), and then converting the amplified electrons back into photons for viewing. They areused in devices such as night vision goggles.

    Here are Advantages and Disadvantages of Image intensifiers

    Advantages of image intensifiers

    1. Perform image noise reduction
    2. Perform image edge enhancement
    3. Optional anti-halation and anti-aliasing for edge enhancement post processing
    4. Support two architectures: high performance and minimal resources
    5. Built-in optional bypass and test mode generator mode
    6. Built-in optional throughput monitor
    7. Supported spatial resolution: 32x32 to 7680x7680.

    Disadvantages of image intensifiers
    1. Limited by light, uneven outdoor illumination will cause image grayscale to be too concentrated

    2. Technology has no rising space

    3.It is affected by weather, such as rainyweather