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    How to use CMOS Night vision goggle

    • Author:Durham Technology
    • Release on :2018-12-27

    Night Vision Devices are electronically enhanced optical devices that enable us to see in near-total darkness. Even on a moonless night or in a dark interior, see everything within range of the IR illuminator.

    Though Night Visions Devices (NVD's) are very easy to use, technical jargon makes their literature tricky to understand. While any night vision equipment will greatly improve your ability to see at night, there are different grades of night vision goggles, night vision scopes, and thermal imaging cameras - from simple Gen 1 Night Vision monocular to an advanced Generation 3 Military Night vision goggles and rifle scopes - that will give you different levels of performance. Here we will briefly tell you the specification of our new CMOS night vision goggle and how to use it.

    Durham CMOS night vision goggle specification.

    1.       116g weight---lightest one in the world's special field.

    2.       IPX6 waterrpoof

    3.       12.86cm Close range distance

    4.       Never worry about burnt out when exposed in strong light

    5.       With 18650 rechargeable battery

    6.       Working temperature range is -45°C~55°C in military standard

    7.       With OLED screen resolution of 1024X768

    How to operate our CMOS night vision

    1.       Handheld, tripod mounted, rifle mounted or helmet mounted the night vision goggle first

    2.       Select good reservation situation ( as our night vision never worry about burnt out when exposed in strong light. So you can try it in the day or night.

    3.       Long Press the red button to turn on the night vision goggle

    4.       Short press the red button by zooming the observation distance. Left button for IR illuminator and right button is brightness control button.

    5.       Enjoy your night observation

    6.       Long Press the red button to turn off the night vision goggle

    For more information about CMOS night vision devices, Please visit our website at www.nightvisionsupplier.com or contact us directly at sales01@nightvisionsupplier.com