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    How to Helmet Mount Night Vision Goggles

    • Author:Durham Technology
    • Release on :2018-12-29
    When we're thinking about CMOS night vision optics, there are some basic ways we can use them:

    Hand Held

    This is the most common and easiest way to use and share night vision devices way, Takeout the night vision from the packaging and bring it up to your eyes after turnon.

    Rifle Mounted

    More common in military and night hunting applications, a rifle mounted unit is agreat solution when taking a shot. Rifle mounted units are not good forobservation.

    Helmet Mounted

    The mostcomfort way to use night vision. Using helmet  mounted night vision gives youthe best visibility, especially when it comes to moving in the dark.

    The Essentials for HelmetMounted CMOS Night Vision Goggle

    A helmet mounted device means that your night vision unit willhang directly in front of your eye, Helmet mounting can be a complicatedprocess before, but Durham has simply the steps with 4 pieces of equipment thatneed to work together for you to have a successful night vision system.

    The Night Vision Itself:

    Durham CMOS night vision goggle with this super light (2 eggs weight) and compactsize, people can enjoy hunting much better than heavy night vision device.

    The Flip Mount:

    In thepast, Arm and bracket are separate parts, Durham combine them together for easyuse. It's the hinged section that flips up or down to have your NV out of theway or in front of your eye. The angle of the NV and the distance it will sitfrom your eye is controlled by this part. Durham enhanced flip mounts for usersthat need manual locks or a wider range of motion.

    The Shroud:

    This isthe square bracket that is permanently attached to your helmet. Sometimes theyscrew in, or at affixed with straps, or moulded directly into the material ofthe helmet. But they are not designed to be quickly removed. Different unitsare designed to fit different cuts of helmets, or to offer improved stability.

    The Helmet Itself:

    There areeasily as many options for helmets are there are styles of Night Visiondevices. Some are ballistic to protect from bullets and shrapnel, others arelightweight and specific for night vision use. Many helmets come with shroudsthese days, while others must be retrofit in order to accommodate an NV system.

    With these 4 pieces working together, you have a device that keeps your hands free and canbe quickly activated or removed as you need it. A head mounted solution meansyou can be using your night vision for extended periods of time while remainingrelatively comfortable.

    Formore information about CMOS night vision devices, Please visit our website at www.nightvisionsupplier.com or contact us directly at sales01@nightvisionsupplier.com