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    How to Choose the Best Night Vision Binoculars

    • Author:Durham Technology
    • Release on :2019-01-04

    Are you the type that likes to be prepared for everysituation? Or maybe you enjoy getting up well before the sunrises to get a jumpon Mother Nature. If so, then you understand the importance of owning a durableand reliable pair of night vision binoculars.

    Whether you’re trying to nab a buck in the cover of night ordecided to go hiking after the sun has set, you’re going to find that aflashlight can be detrimental or inefficient for your needs. Night visionbinoculars eliminate the possibility of your light source scaring off your preyand uncovers the shadowed areas of the wilderness that a beam of light doesn’thit, effectively increasing your safety, hunting success, and ability to bettersurvey the area around you.

    Whether you’re a hunter, hiker, or just love to collect coolgadgets, night vision binoculars are a must-have. We will list out somespecifications which will help to you determine which binoculars suitable foryou or not.

    Magnification& Lens Size

    Binocularsare identified by their magnification power and the diameter of their objectivelenses. Therefore, a pair of 4×50 binoculars has a four-power magnification,and a front lens diameter of 50 mm. The size of the lens determines thebinoculars’ light gathering ability. The ideal pair of binoculars should have areliable magnification/objective lens configuration. To ensure adequate lightgathering capability under low light, you must make sure that the objectivelens diameter is at least five times higher than the magnification power, suchas 5x50mm. This is referred to as the exit pupil, which offers a brighter imagedepending on the size.

    Resolution& Light Gathering Ability

    Youneed binoculars with better resolution or image sharpness. This attribute isdetermined by the quality of the lens. A pair of night vision binoculars with4X magnification power with excellent image sharpness is more resourceful whencompared to a pair of 8X magnification power with poor image sharpness. Thebest resolution indicators are lens quality and brand reputation.

    Lightgathering capability is an important factor when relying on low light insteadof IR illuminator. The light gathering ability of night vision binocularsdepends on the exit pupil size (objective lens diameter divided bymagnification power). The higher the exit pupil of the binoculars the betterthe light gathering ability; so, it is advisable to choose binoculars with anexit pupil of at least 5.

    Image Quality

    Ofcourse, one of the most important considerations when purchasing night visionbinoculars is the quality of the image. This is related to generation, as thatwill have a large effect on the clarity of the image. For example, Gen 1 nightvision equipment usually features grainy images which grow less clear aroundthe edges.Gen4 night vision devices can be as clear as an HD camera, but they are usuallynot needed outside of military applications, and even then they can be rare.


    Theability to record what you see through your night vision binoculars ormonocular is also a feature that you may wish to search for when making yourpurchase. There are times at which you can see some incredible sights throughnight vision, and it is nice to be able to save them for later viewing.


    Onemore feature that is important to take into consideration when you arepurchasing your night vision binoculars is the manner in which they arepowered. There are two types of power sources which are typically used in nightvision devices, and they vary from model to model.

    Thefirst type of power source is an onboard rechargeable battery, which has theadvantage of saving you money in the long run as you will not have to purchaseadditional batteries. Models which use separate batteries have the advantage ofnot needing to wait a short time for them to recharge.

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