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    How far can we see with night vision goggles?

    • Author:Durham technology
    • Release on :2018-12-26

    If you choose good quality night vision goggles,even a miniscule amount of ambient light is vital for successful operation of a night vision device. For example, if you have a good quality device with 1X magnification lens, then at full moon you will be able to see a vehicle at about 1200m. If it was an overcast night operating distance would reduce by whopping 50%, down to 600m.

    There are many different variables that can affect the distance that we can see with night vision goggles.To further emphasize the importance of weather we provide a list of most influencing factors: rain, snow, hail, wind, fog/mist/haze, air pressure, temperature, surrounding landscape, presence/absence of external sources of lights and light pollution.

    Our night vision goggles have a nighttime OLED screen resolution of 1024X768P, which can be observed at night.Night mode uses the black white OLED displaying imagine, clarity,recognizing ability, image stability are highly better than the traditional supersecond generation, third generations of microlight image intensifier technology and other light night vision products.