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    How Night Vision Works

    • Author:Durham Technology
    • Release on :2018-11-10
    OurCMOS system has aspherical objective lens + sensor (made in Korea) + photoelectric conversion version, video processor, image display panel + OLEDdisplay, CMOS higher sensitivity, shorter exposure times and shrinking pixelsize.

    Availablelight is gathered by the front aspherical objective Lens, where it istransmitted through a set of optical lenses to the CMOS chip.

    High levels of energy, produced by the device's complex power supply, knock outelectrons from the Photocathode Screen, located on the front of the ElectronicIntensifier Tube.

    This same energy creates a highly static field, pushing the electrons to thePhosphorescent Screen, a sensitive layer, located on the back of the CMOS.These electrons strike the Phosphorescent Screen with great speed, causing thescreen to illuminate.

    This process produces an image, which is then magnified by the Lens located atthe back of the device. By looking through the lens you will see the image asif you just looked through a regular optical device, except the image willappear in a black white color.

    Finally, the Lens provides adjustment for your particular eyesight, while theObjective Lens lets you adjust the focus according to the distance of theobject you are viewing.