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    How Do I Judge Night Vision Quality

    • Author:Durham Technology
    • Release on :2018-11-23
    How to judge the quality of night vision? Let us cover some simple and easy points for night vision device.

    For thermal it's easy. It's all about resolution, with 640 x 480 usually being the best for handhelds. A good system is 320 x 240, and there are many applications where 240 x 180 will do the job. Each increase in resolution will cost you about $1,000 more on the average handheld unit. You also want to look at features such as still and video capture.

    Judging the quality of night vision with image intensification is considerably more complicated. The quality of any night vision devices is determined by its optical characteristics as well as its image intensifier tube. You could take the best Gen 3 tube on the market and pair it with lousy optics, and you'd have a lousy system. So concern yourself as much with the optics as the tube. This is especially true on the edges of the image area. You don't want distortion or a fisheye effect. Resolution on an general night vision goggles is measured in lp/mm, with 64 to 72 lp/mm being the gold standard. Most applications do not require resolution that sharp; in fact some experts argue that this level of resolution exceeds the capability of the human eye. Most experts recommend a resolution of 45 lp/mm for most operations.

    CMOS night vision goggles have black white OLED display imagine 1024X768P that it is very well of image quality. The trouble is however that the better the image quality, the higher the cost. But our night vision goggles are more less of the cost than the manufacturer’s night vision goggles. This is why it is effective to know both the gain level you need as well as the climate/environment that you will be in. It makes no sense to waste money on something you will not need. Our night vision goggles with better image quality and reasonable price. You deserve it.