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    Dark sight: Best Night Vision Goggles

    • Author:Durham Technology
    • Release on :2018-12-10

    The human eye isgenetically designed only to see along the visible light spectrum. Our eyes,therefore, fail us in the dark. But we’re smart, and we’vedeveloped vision technology that allow us to engage in nighttimeactivities, such as nighttime hunting, which was previously harder to do. Thesenight vision technologies are usually divided into four categories: imageintensification, active illumination, thermal vision and CMOS technology.

    Image intensification allows the human eyes to magnify theamount of light received by the retina. Active illumination, on the other hand,explores the near infrared or shortwave infrared bands of the light spectrum.Thermal vision detects the nuances in the temperature between the foregroundand background. CMOS image sensor performs photon-to-voltage conversion tobetter image, Most night vision technologies utilize one or two of theabovementioned categories to produce remarkable night vision goggles that couldenhance our vision in the dark.

    In this review, we will highly recommend Durham CMOS lightest and smallest night visiongoggle D-088. We have graded it onthe criteria of weight, comfort, features, light gathering capability, safetyand durability, ease of use. Read through this and you will know this will beyour best choice.

    1.      Lightestone--- Weighing only 116g like 2 eggs weight. It is the lightest night combat system in theworld's special field.

    2.      Its built-in IR sourceis powered by 18650 rechargeable battery (with a 60-hour battery life) thatcomes with the package.

    3.      D-088 is manufacturedin strict accordance with military standards. The working temperature range is-45°C~55°C and the waterproof level is IPX6.

    4.      With OLED screenresolution of 1024X768; Higher and better clarity, recognizing ability andimage stability than the traditional generation 2, generation 3 of microlightimage intensifier technology and other light night vision products.

    5.      Close rangedistance---regular light intensified technologynight vision closest focusing distance is 40cm while our smallest night visionis only 12.86cm.It can used in close night operation

    6.      Never worry aboutburnt out when exposed in strong light--- While intensify tube will be burntout or shutdown for minutes which may lose the best battle chance. Our smallestCMOS will never burn down and will adjust themselves automatically.

    For more information on the CMOS lightest andsmallest night vision goggle D-088, Please review below data sheet or contactus directly at sales01@nightvisionsupplier.com