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    Best night vision devices for easy hunting at night.

    • Author:Durham technology
    • Release on :2019-01-17
    Night vision devices is becoming more and more popular in the hunting enthusiasts. Although night vision for hunting is an obvious application, there are several other practical and recreational uses for your night vision equipment. If you love exploring the world in the evening, elevate the experience by bringing the best night vision technologies with you.

    As there are a lot of night vision devices for selection,which are best and easiest to use night vision devices for hunting.There are all digital CMOS technology.

    1.The fourth generation optoelectronic integrated night warfare system for D-088

    This night warfare system is in strict accordance with the military standard manufacturing, with the working temperature range -45℃~55℃ (military level),and the waterproof level IPX6.The bare weight is only 116 g.Night OLED screen resolution ratio is 1024X768P, which can be observed at night.

    2.Digital high performance night vision rifle scope DG-170.

    The day and night observation type gun sight can clearly observe and aim at the target in daytime, nighttime and low illumination environment, and the invisible infrared illumination lamp is connected to realize the accurate aiming shooting of 3 to 500 meters all the time. The combination of the gun mirror and the concealment is strong and the life is long. comes with camera, recording, video recording function, high impact resistance and quick change of fixture to adapt to various gun types.

    3.Digital CMOS high Performance night vision devices D-200

    This night vision device is a compact digital night vision device that can be hand-held and helmet mounted for both day and night. With photo, video functions, it also has an external 4-32G memory.The lamp can observe 120M target with black and white image. With compact size, light weight portable belt, strong concealment, low power consumption, it has very strong recognition rate in low-light environment.