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    Best Night Vision Goggle For Hunting

    • Author:Durham Technology
    • Release on :2018-12-24

    Hunterswho scan the area after dark or start the hunt before the break of dawnunderstand the value of a high quality goggles. This device allows hunters tosee in the total darkness. Not all of them are created equally. The best nightvision goggles for hunting provides a clear view of objects is the darkness,but it also offers an extra long range, to see further into the distance.

    What is night visiontechnology?

    Nightvision technology allows humans to see better in low light conditions or totaldarkness through the use of a specialized device. Night vision goggles,binoculars and monocular devicesare the most common types that are used by civilians. Night vision is achievedthrough three technologies including thermal technology, image intensificationand CMOS technology. Thermal technology detects changes in heat temperature andintensification amplifies any available light. Goggle devices are generallybased on image intensification and CMOS technology principles.

    Who Needs a Goggle withNight Vision Capabilities?

    Anyonewho drives a vehicle such as an ATV, or other off-road vehicle, or flies anaircraft at night can benefit from the use of a night vision device. Nightvision illuminates the landscape and allows visual detection of images thatexist in the darkness. Graveyard shift security guards, law enforcementofficers, military personnel performing night time maneuvers and others insimilar occupations, depend on the ability to see potential dangers in lowlight situations. Hunters observing nocturnal animals need a goggle with nightvision capabilities to see wildlife before the animals see them and hide.

    The Durham night visiondevice lights up the night with high quality optical clarity and a high levelof illumination over a broad range. It comes packed with useful features thatmake it the ideal night vision goggle for hunters or wildlife enthusiasts.

    Features and benefits

    Compact size andweight: -This goggle small and light enough to carry in a pocket, a backpack,purse or glove box, The bare weight is 116g like 2 eggs, It's made for ease offcarrying.

    Rugged and durablebuild: Hunting or camping can mean being out in extreme environmentalconditions. The Durham D-088 goggles is built with aerospace grade aluminumallow material and surface treated by micro-arcoxidation for longer life whichalso is weather resistant and helps to protect the inner workings for longerlife and reliability in the field. The housing is reachs IPX6 weather proof.

    Increased viewingrange: See distant objects more clearly with the finely tuned zoom feature. Inaddition, this goggle comes equipped with an area that is ready for theaddition of an infrared light that increases the viewing range total darkconditions.

    High sensitivitysensor: The goggle with CMOS technology and allows you to catch more of theaction that is going on in the dark with a high sensitivity device that detectsmovement and illuminates the viewing area. See up to 328 around you with thebrightness you need to see in low light situations.

    Head mountable: Builtin features make it simple to mount this monocle on the head so your hands arefree for other tasks.

    Long viewing distance:The extreme viewing options allows for adjustments from 1-5x digital zoom withan infrared illuminator that lets you see up to 1000 feet.

    Close rangedistance---regular light intensified technology night vision closest focusingdistance is 40cm while our smallest night vision is only 12.86cm.It can used inclose night operation

    Never worryabout burnt out when exposed in strong light---The displaying imagefor regular light intensified technology is green image, not clear enoughfor observation. While intensify tube will be burnt out or shutdown for minuteswhich may lose the best battle chance. Our smallest CMOS will never burn downand will adjust themselves automatically.

    For more information onthe CMOS lightest and smallest night vision goggle D-088, please visit https://www.nightvisionsupplier.com/ or email usat sales02@nightvisionsupplier.com