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    5 biggest mistakes buying night vision goggles

    • Author:Durham Technology
    • Release on :2018-11-26
    Learn how to buy night vision and avoid these all too common mistakes when buying night vision equipment.

    1.Wrong believe Generations

    Many people believe night vision goggles of generations are better than other night vision goggles before theybuy. Our night vision goggles built around high grade CMOS technology,and same as GEN 4. But our night vision goggles  overall performance is much better, with longer range and clearer/brighter picture,even lightest night vision goggles.


    2.Wrong Device

    When you really need a night vision goggles or buy night vision goggles. You could get more use from a night visiongoggles are all too common. Buying the wrong device for your needs can really diminish your night time experience and limit other uses for your night vision.

    3.Wrong Accessories

    If you choose the right accessories available for your task can increase the effectiveness of your device byseveral times,such as the use of the professional helmet match lightest helmet bracket.

    4.Buying for only one purpose

    Many people have only one use inmind,and they do not consider other uses when they buying a night vision goggles,and end up making their decision based solely on price thinking night vision is night vision.They may be buying the optic for hunting or maybe home security however a good piece of night vision equipment opens a whole world of activities like wildlife observation, night boating, night fishing, nighthiking, and one of the most amazing things you can do with night vision,

    5.Wrong Company or factory

    Many people think that the famous companies have high quality night vision goggles,or believe night vision goggles companies offering discounts across the board. We are manufacturer of night vision goggles,so the price low than other company. we have high quality product from our professional factory.